Born in Johannesburg, Candice holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand. In her second solo show, being held, at Nirox Projects. Candice continues her method of rusting metal and combining the contemporary surface of steel with the traditional medium of oil paint.

By activating the rusting process in the metal,- something so solid, dense, strong and uniform in nature - she expresses her curiosity with degeneration and regeneration. The themes of the passing of time and the erosion and transmission of memories and values infuse her work as well as the degeneration and regeneration of our city landscapes. She extends this theme to Johannesburg, old Johannesburg and its beauty as well as the city as it is today. We are surrounded daily by the energy of this transforming city.

Candice questions the passing of time and its seemingly inevitable eroding nature. All materiality is transient and turns to dust thus begging the question what is transcendent through the generations.

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